AMBERIAN DAWN & DIABULUS IN MUSICA 10th Anniversary Co-Headlining Tour 2017




Amberian Dawn is now 10 years old and we’re going to celebrate it properly by doing our first Headliner tour in Europe with our label mates Diabulus in Musica, who are also having their 10th active year happening as well. Our co-headlining tour will be named “Amberian Dawn 10th Anniversary Tour”. Opening act will be Finnish based Crimson Sun!

HERE ARE CONFIRMED TOUR DATES (more will be added)

Presented by Sonic Seducer, Lords Of Metal, Metal And High-Heels

13.02.17 Mörlenbach-Weiher (DE) – Live Music Hall
14.02.17 Pratteln (CH) – Z7
15.02.17 Munich (DE) – Backstage
16.02.17 Stuttgart (DE) – Club Caan
17.02.17 Hannover (DE) – Bei Chez Heinz
18.02.17 Burgenlengfeld (DE) – VAZ Pfarrheim
19.02.17 Haarlem (NL) – Patronaat

More dates to be announced soon!  




AMBERIAN DAWN were founded in 2007 by keyboardist & guitarist Tuomas Seppälä and the late Tommi Kuri (R.I.P.) after their former band disbanded. Tommi liked Tuomas’s compositions and suggested that they should put a new band together based on Tuomas’s classical music- influenced song-writing. The first line-up was experimental and after some changes the group took a form which was then named Amberian Dawn.
Since 2007 a lot of remarkable achievements were gained: 7 studio albums released, shows all over Europe including tours with bands like Epica, Van Vanto, Tristania, Delain, Xandria, Serenity and many more. Amberian Dawn has also released more songs on RockBand Network (on PS3, Nintendo Wii, xBox360) than any other band before. Due to the huge success in RBN-world Amberian Dawn was selected in 2011 as band of the month by Game Company Harmonix .

 AMBERIAN DAWN Discography:
     2008 River of Tuoni
     2009 The Clouds of Northland Thunder
     2010 End of Eden
     2012 Circus Black
     2013 Re-Evolution (re-recorded compilation with new singer Capri)
     2014 Magic Forest
     2015 Innuendo
     2017 TBA

After this upcoming tour
AMBERIAN DAWN will continue working on their forthcoming new studio album, which will be released via Napalm Records in 2017. 

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